Happy new year and a small shortcut

I wish all my regular readers (and those who want to be) a happy new year 2011. Fortunately, the Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrag has not been adopted, so that I can still safely tell you about interesting topics related to web development.

One of my regular readers is my colleague Michael, who has pointed me on a new shortcut in the office and asked me if it would be worthy of a “shortcut of the month”. He is very handy, but I’m sorry Michael, there are 2 alternatives to it, so he will not make it to a shortcut of the month. But I want to introduce him anyway:


With this shortcut you can cycle through the open programs in Windows without seeing the previews of the corresponding program. Strictly speaking, the currently active window moves to the end of the z-order, so it can’t simple be switched back to the previous program by using the shourtcut again.

Because it changes so the usual behavior when switching between programs and since Windows Vista introduced the great “Flip 3D” function, the shortcut is probably used only by very few (if they know him at all). A detailed overview of the program switch shortcuts can be found on the Alt-Tab page in the English Wikipedia.

Now I wish once again a happy new year and enjoy reading my other blog articles!

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  1. Haha, danke. Ich geb zu, die Welt hΓ€tte ohne alt + esc nicht viel verpasst, aber ich werde weiter Ausschau halten.. πŸ™‚

    Dir auch ein frohes Neues!

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