My WordPress Plugins

Here is an overview of all the Plugins I coded and published in the WordPress Plugin Repository:

Kau-Boy’s AutoCompleter Plugin

[appbox wordpress kau-boys-autocompleter]

Backend Localization Plugin

[appbox wordpress kau-boys-backend-localization]

Kau-Boy’s Comment Notification Plugin

[appbox wordpress kau-boys-comment-notification]

Kau-Boy’s Opensearch Plugin

[appbox wordpress kau-boys-opensearch]

WP-Instant Plugin

[appbox wordpress wp-instant]

A detailed description of the plugin and a link to the plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository, you’ll find on page of each plugin.

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  1. WordFence is flagging your plugin “Language Fallback” as having been abandoned. Is that true and should it be uninstalled by people currently using it?

    • Hi Roland,

      the plugin doesn’t really needed to be updated and this is the reason it is marked as outdated. It’s still working though. I’ll do an update so the warning disappears.

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