Kau-Boy’s AutoCompleter Plugin

This plugin uses the script.aculo.us Ajax.Autocompleter to find posts having the search term contained in the title or content.


Installation trough WordPress admin pages:

  1. Go to the admin page Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for kau-boy and choose the plugin
  3. Choose the action install
  4. Click on Install now
  5. Activate the plugin after install has finished (with the link or trough the plugin page)
  6. You might have to edit the settings, especially if your search field has an ID other than s

Installation using WordPress admin pages:

  1. Download the plugin zip file: kau-boys-autocompleter.zip
  2. Go to the admin page Plugins -> Add New
  3. Choose the Upload link under the Install Plugins headline
  4. Browse for the zip file and click Install Now
  5. Activate the plugin after install has finished (with the link or trough the plugin page)
  6. You might have to edit the settings, especially if your search field has an ID other than s

Installation using ftp:

  1. Download the plugin zip file: kau-boys-autocompleter.zip
  2. Unzip und upload the files to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  4. You might have to edit the settings, especially if your search field has an ID other than s


Screenshot of plugin in new WordPress blog

Screenshot of plugin

Screenshot of the settings page (also available in German)

Screenshot of settings page

Change Log:

  • 3.1.2 Revert previous change as it does not fix the issue but might cause it
  • 3.1.1 Replacing appendTo() with prependTo() in jquery.autocompleter to fixing overlay issues
  • 3.1 Hide warnings when WP_DEBUG is not active, insert DIV for results on top of body.
  • 3.0.4 Fixing typo in jQuery URL
  • 3.0.3 Fixing typo in jQuery selector
  • 3.0.2 Retag as 3.0.2 due to a deploment error on respository
  • 3.0.1 Quick bugfix for Prototype CSS and JavaScript
  • 3.0 Use AJAX the way it’s described here: http://codex.wordpress.org/AJAX_in_Plugins
  • 2.5 Enable plugin for WordPress blogs with the wp-config.php one folder above the root folder.
  • 2.4 Fixing html entities in the filter
  • 2.3 Fixing the JavaScript file for IE8 in combination with prototype
  • 2.2 Deactivate search for admin menu search fields and make it working with relevanssi plugin
  • 2.1 Adding new version of jQuery Autocomplete
  • 2.0.1 Removing “short open tags” which causes error on blog that don’t have “short_open_tag” set to “On”
  • 2.0 Enabling autocompletion for multiple inputs on a page, improving truncating of the post content
  • 1.9 Fixing issues using the plugin with PHP4, it now works with qTranslate in “Query Mode” (?lang=en)
  • 1.8 Adding settings for title and content length in results
  • 1.7 Replacing jQuery suggest with jQuery autocomplete as the suggest plugin destroys HTML markup
  • 1.6.1 Using the id attribute as default rather than the name attribute
  • 1.6 Adding the option to use the value of the name attribute to select the searchfield
  • 1.5.2 Adding encoding to html_entity_decode() to avoid stripping of XML entities
  • 1.5.1 Fixing bug in AJAX repsonse where the resultfields setting hasn’t been loaded
  • 1.5 Adding setting for choosing searchfields and resultfields
  • 1.4.1 Updating translation file
  • 1.4 Combine styles for jQuery and script.aculo.us, adding encoding setting for multibyte functions
  • 1.3.5 Fixing problem with the html_entity_decode() converting
  • 1.3 Removing comment to avoid php header warnings in autocompleter.js.php
  • 1.2 Using html_entity_decode() to avoid stripping entities
  • 1.1 Stripping wordpress shortcodes to avoid emtpy or wrong results
  • 1.0 Enabling plugin to use jQuery OR script.aculo.us, translating settings page to German
  • 0.4 Adding setting for number of choices and custom css to settings
  • 0.3 Adding settings page for searchfield ID
  • 0.2 First stable release

If you like the plugin or if something is missing I would like to here it. Just leave a comment on this page or  on my WordPress plugin page.

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    • Hi Marc,

      you are just a few hours to quick. I was searching for a diffrent theme for this blog and found out, that many themes doesn’t set the id attribute for the input field. I just installed the Atahualpa 3.4.1 theme to test it. This theme also uses only the name attribute.
      So after realising that many themes doesn’t have the needed id attribute I decided to add another option to be able to select the field by id or by name (or even another CSS selector).

      I have to test the new option with prototype and jQuery but I am pretty sure, that I will release the new version by tomorrow (maybe today).

      I hope this willl help not only you. Do you have any other ideas of how to improve the plugin?


      • Hello Bernhard
        everthing works perfectly now with tha Atahualpa 3.4.1 theme!
        thank you very much for the great support!

        what i did:
        – updated the plugin to 1.6.1.
        in the plugin configuration:
        – changed the selectortype to name
        – changed the javascript Framework to jQuery

        that’s it. now it works

  1. I have some weird behaviour when searching for either “di” or “no” (without the quotes.)

    It then parses the style of under wrong.

    If you want to reproduce try searching for: (di)splay or no(ne)on my website.

    • Hi Hans,

      I could reproduce the problem. I use a default jQuery plugin for the autocomplete feature. This plugin doesn’t provides the feature of an onclick handler so I have to add the link the the article in a hidden span. To make it hidden I used inline formating with display: none. But the jQuery plugin seems to destroy HTML-Markup when hightlighting the found words.

      So I have to either find a new jQuery Plugin or I have to use single character markups and a diffrent CSS Layout for the results.

      I think I can give you an updated version this evening which than should work with jQuery as good as with scriptaculous. Until than you might use scriptaculous to avoid this problem.


  2. In v1.8 I still get “Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()! in /htdocs/wp-content/plugins/kau-boys-autocompleter/autocompleter_results.php on line 72”

    It was working great up until v1.5 and then it has stopped. Tried uninstalling / reinstalling – any further ideas?

    • Hi Daniel,

      I search the web for your problem and it is a bug in PHP 4 (http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=27626). I use html_entity_decode to convert all characters to non-entities to avoid destroying them when limiting the title/content length.

      But as PHP 4 (pre 4.3.3) lacks a full support of UTF-8 it might be a prblem with the encoding. So the first thing you should try is to go to the settings page and change the multibyte encoding to ISO-8859-1.

      If that doesn’t work, try to replace line 72 in autocompleter_results.php. To do so, navigate to Plugins->Installed and click edit on the plugin. From the list at the right choose the autocompleter_results.php. Then replace this line:

      $str = html_entity_decode(trim($str), ENT_NOQUOTES, $encoding);

      with this line:

      $str = utf8_encode(html_entity_decode(trim($str)));

      As I don’t have a running Server with PHP4 I can’t test it myself right now.


  3. Hi and thanks for your very beautiful plugin. One only thing about styling of autocompleter.css -> ac_result class:
    * add parameter left:-9999px; to disappear its border (if added) to the bottom of the page
    * add !important to width


  4. Unfortunately it does not work while Relevanssi is activated! I’s a pitty. Bothe plugins are valuable and nice! 🙂 However, I will have to go for nice search results rather than for autocomplete…

    Anyway thanks for this nice plugin!

    • Hi Sacha,

      I checked out the relevanssi plugin and found out that this plugin sets some filters that affects other plugins for searches. I now added some code to make my plugin working with the relevanssi plugin enabled.

      • Hi Bernhard!
        Your update just worked fine! Really smooth. Now everything seems OK. Just had to donate some money for the super quick service! 😉
        Thanks and best regards Sascha

  5. I am using your plugin, how ever there is a delay between when start typing in a result and when the results get displayed. Is there any way to change this?

    • If you have chosen Prototype as the framework the function is available as soon as the complete DOM is loaded if that takes some time the autocompletion is delayed. Try to switch the framework to jQuery if possible. But as the results have to be loaded with an AJAX call your server might take to long for the request.

      So first try to switch the framework. If that doesn’t work out either I will check your site if there is any other function that might cause problems with my plugin.

  6. Hi Bernhard
    I like your plugin – works great. My question is – is it possible to make this search only one table in the DB? I have added a glossary of real estate terms and would like to search that and not the posts/categories/tags.

    • You can change the Query inside of the autocompleter-results.php (line 30-46). But as it is a search plugin for posts and pages it is not possible to do it without changing the plugin files.

      How would you like to select the table in which the plugin should search for? Manybe I’ll add that option to the plugin.

  7. Excellent plugin but with script.aculo.us in IE8 the matching titles doesn’t show any background at all. Any idea? Thanks again for your contribution!

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. There seems to be a issue with IE8 and the Element() function of prototype. The class name was not added to the element and so the CSS had no effekt in IE8. I fixed that and added the class with the addClassName() function after creating the element. It should now also work in IE8. Just update the plugin to version 2.3 and it should work in IE8 with prototype.

      • Hey Bernhard!! Thanks a lot for your quick reply. You worth a donation!! 😉
        One more request, please remove my last comment, I entered my email address in the name box by mistake.
        Thanks a lot again!!!

        • No problem. And as I have to accept every comment for new commenters (new name or email address) your comment was only visible for you but for nobody else. I’m glad I could have helped you. I am always happy to getting some feedback, even if they tell me about some bugs I haven’t found, yet. And many thanks for the donation. You are the second who donated to one of my plugins.

    • I am not quite sure what you want to do? Do you want to have a search for taxonomies or do you want to add the taxonomies to the list of results. That might be a little much of data. Or do you want only the title and the taxonomies as a result. I may include a option to display taxonomies in the results.

  8. Is there a way to set the search to accept multiple keywords.

    For example if the user types “cool post”

    Can this plugin search the database to find a post that has both the keywords “cool” and “post” at the same time.

    I was fooling around with it and used:

    explode(” “,$words);
    – to get the each word the user enters (separated by spaces)

    After that I’m a bit confused where to go.

    After that I’m stuck.

    • What you can do is replace the line 28 in the file autocompleter_results.php with this line:

      $words = '%'.implode("%", explode(" ", $_REQUEST['q'])).'%';

      This will first split the searcg string on every space and then combines it again with a percentage sign, which is in the MySQL database used as a wildcard.

      If you have further questions just ask again.

  9. Umlaute: Anscheinend funktioniert es nicht mit Umlauten.

    Wenn man bei deiner Suche “TomTom, m” eingibt wird “TomTom, möge die Macht mit dir sein!” vorgeschlagen. Wenn man nun ein “ö” hinzufügt (“TomTom, mö”) wird nichts mehr vorgeschlagen…

    • Hallo David,

      vielen Dank für deinen Hinweis. Ich hab den Fehler gefunden und behoben. WordPress hat anscheinend die HTML Entitäten nach dem Laden aus der Datenbank umgewandelt. Dadurch hat der Filter nicht mehr funktioniert.

      Aktualisiere bitte das Plugin auf Version 2.4 und teste es noch einmal. Vielen Dank noch einmal für den Hinweis.

      • Hallo Bernhard!

        Das ist ja ein Service.

        Ich habe das Plugin aktualisiert und jetzt funktioniert es einwandfrei!


  10. Hi Bernhard!! I’ve been trying to install this plugin in a new theme Mystique (http://wp.digitalnature.eu/mystique/) but it doesn’t work. I tried everthing, removed every single plugin installed and nothing.
    Any idea what can be done in order to make it work, I love it and that’s exactly what I need for my blog.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Juan,

      I just installed a copy of the mystique theme in my local test blog. I couldn’t find any issue with the plugin. The problem might be the ID for the search field mystique uses. The default is “s” but on mystique it is “searchfield”. So please go to the config page of my plugin (“AutoCompleter” in the “Settings” section) and change the “Selectortype” to “name” and the “Search field attribute value” to “s” if you want to enable the plugin on all search fields.

      If that even doesn’t fix it, you might provide me a link to the blog you are trying to use it on so I can debug it.


        • You have been to fast. I just found the reason of the issue. You have included jQuery twice in your blog (or any plugin was doing it). When a plugin developer does not use the auto-inclusion that will result in overwriting jQuery. And as I extended jQuery with the autocompleter plugin before, this plugin was no longer available.

          You still have jQuery included twice but the one inside of your WordPress directory is missing. You should fix that, even if you want to use the Google Ajax Libs.

  11. Hi, thank you for the great plugin. It is working flawlessly on my blog. However, I’d like to ask about security of this plugin. Is it scripted to prevent potential SQL injections?


  12. Hi. Thank you for the plugin. I have an error: require_once(../../../wp-config.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/…/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kau-boys-autocompleter/autocompleter.js.php on line 3
    My wp-config.php is in the root directory and perhaps that’s the problem. How can I fix it?
    Thank’s in advance.

    • Hi Stefan,

      usually the wp-config.php should be in the root directory of your blog. Which is your root? It should be /home/.../public_html in your case. Maybe it’s some kind of rights that block the script from being included. As a quick fix you might try to use a absoulte path for the require_once() function.

      • Hi Bernhard. My wp-config.php file is in the directory before “public_html” Moved for security reasons.
        Could you tell me what exactly I have to change on line 3 in autocompleter.js.php file?

        • P.S. When I move wp-config.php in public_html folder plugin works fine. As I see the problem is the location of my wp-config.php file.

        • Hi Stefan,

          I don’t know why you moved the wp-config.php to protect it (and how your WP installation still works), but usually you can protect the file by adding these lines to the .htaccess file:

          <files wp-config.php>
            Order deny,allow
            deny from all

          But if you still want to keep your wp-config.php out of your public_html folder, just change the path to it, in my script. On line 3 you can use an absolute path or you simply add another ../ in front of the relative path, to move one directory up.

  13. Hallo Bernhard

    Ich liebe dieses Plugin. Einfach genial! Es macht die WordPress-Suche um ein x-faches besser! Danke dafür!

    Leider habe ich ein Problem seit ich eine Slideshow direkt in mein Template eingebaut habe, für welche ich jquery verlinken muss. Sobald ich die externe jquery-Verlinkung entferne funktioniert der Autocompleter wieder.
    Ich habe folgende jquery-Verlinkung verwendet:

    Hast du eine Idee wie ich das hinbekomme kann. Folgenden Slider hab ich eingebaut: http://designm.ag/tutorials/image-rotator-css-jquery/


    • Hallo Sandro,

      leider fehlt dein Bespiel der jQuery-Verlinkung. Falls du dort HTML einfügen wolltest, dann füge es in einem neuen Kommentar nochmals ein und umschließe es mit [code] … (deine Code) … [/code]. Damit wird es dann nicht durch die Kommentarfunktion gelöscht.

      Im Grunde musst du aber jQuery nicht für jede Funktion neu Verlinken. Ich habe in meinem Plugin die Funktion wp_enqueue_script() verwendet, die dafür sorgt, dass jQuery geladen wird, falls es noch nicht von einer anderen Funktion geladen wurde. Falls du es also noch einmal manuell lädst, kann das zu Problemen führen.

      Eine Möglichkeit wäre es noch, mein Plugin auf Prototype umzustellen, aber dann lädst du immer zwei Bibliotheken, was im Grunde nicht notwendig ist.

    • Hey Danke für die rasante Antwort!

      Hm… das Problem ist, wenn ich es nicht manuell nochmals lade, dann funktioniert der Slider nicht. Hier mein Slider-Script:

          //Show Banner
          $(".main_image .desc").show(); //Show Banner
          $(".main_image .block").animate({
              opacity: 0.85
          }, 1); //Set Opacity
          //Click and Hover events for thumbnail list
          $(".image_thumb ul li:first").addClass('active');
          $(".image_thumb ul li").click(function(){
              //Set Variables
              var imgAlt = $(this).find('img').attr("alt"); //Get Alt Tag of Image
              var imgTitle = $(this).find('a').attr("href"); //Get Main Image URL
              var imgDesc = $(this).find('.block').html(); //Get HTML of block
              var imgDescHeight = $(".main_image").find('.block').height(); //Calculate height of block
              if ($(this).is(".active")) { //If it's already active, then...
                  return false; // Don't click through
              else {
                  //Animate the Teaser
                  $(".main_image .block").animate({
                      opacity: 0,
                      marginBottom: -imgDescHeight
                  }, 250, function(){
                      $(".main_image .block").html(imgDesc).animate({
                          opacity: 0.85,
                          marginBottom: "0"
                      }, 250);
                      $(".main_image img").attr({
                          src: imgTitle,
                          alt: imgAlt
              $(".image_thumb ul li").removeClass('active'); //Remove class of 'active' on all lists
              $(this).addClass('active'); //add class of 'active' on this list only
              return false;
          }, function(){
          //Toggle Teaser
              $(".main_image .block").slideToggle();
      });//Close Function
      • Ok, ich habe eine Vermutung: Es könnte sein, dass das jQuery bei dir nicht in HEAD eingebunden wird, sondern erst kurz vor dem schließenden BODY Tag. Da du aber im bereits zuvor die Funktion $(document).ready() verwenden möchtest, schlägt es fehl. Eine andere Mögichkeit wäre es, dass WordPress immer jQuery() statt $() verwendet, da es sich sonst mit anderen Bibliotheken (vor allem Prototype, dass auch eine $() Funktion hat) in die Quere kommt. Versucht mal in deinem Code einfach immer $(...) mit jQuery(...) zu ersetzen. Das solltest du immer tun oder aber deinen Code mit einer anonymen Funktion umschließen. Näheres dazu findest du hier: http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.noConflict/#example-1

        Gibt es zu dem Blog, auf dem du mein Plugin verwendest auch eine URL? Vielleicht kann ich es mir dann mal live ansehen und den Fehler ausmachen.

        • Hammermässig! Ich habe wie von die empfohlen in meinem Script alle $(…) mit jQuery(…) ersetzt und es klappt. Grandios! Sobald ich den Blog live schalte werde ich mich wieder bei dir melden! Vielen Dank für die so schnelle und kompetente Hilfe!


        • Schön, dass ich helfen konnte. Die meisten jQuery Entwickler benutzen die Varainte, die ich in dem Link aufgezeigt habe. Damit können sie weiterhin die kurze $() Funktion verwenden und trotzdem kompatibel zu anderen Bibliotheken bleiben.

  14. Hi Bernhard,

    Thanks for this great plugin.

    I’ve set it up to show only the page titles.
    Is it possible to filter out specific pages or to show only the children of a page?


    • Hi Ardy,

      as it uses the default WordPress functions to search for posts (WP_Query), you might use filters in the functions.php of your theme to add additional filters for the search. Here you will find some examples on how to change the queries: http://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Queries

      You most probably have to use “add_filter” on “posts_where” like in one of the examples. You can than include or exclude pages/posts or add additional filters.

      • Thank you Bernhard,

        I figured it out, and exluded the pages I don’t want to show up in the search. this is the code I used.

        function searchExcludePosts($query) {
          if ($query->is_search) {
            $query->set('post_type', 'page');
            $query->set('post__not_in', array(2,5,7));
          return $query;


        • Glad I could help you. And I haven’t seen the “pre_get_posts” filter before. But it looks quite useful. Thanks for posting your solution!

  15. Is there a way to hide certain posts/pages from autocompleter? Would be great to have an option to hide by post/page ID

    • Just check out the solution that worked for Ardy. You can change the query through the WordPress functions. So thee might be a plugin to hide pages from searches in general. This would also hide it in my plugin. I might implement an option to hide specific posts/pages/categories in a new version. But I think that there are many plugins to solve exactly this task. Or you use the filters as mentioned before.

  16. hi,
    i like very much your plugin but i have a problem, when i try to search something the autocomplete list remain behind the head image and the menu bar too. the theme is twenty eleven.
    thanks in advance

    • Hi bonz,

      fixing that problem is very wasy. As every blog has a different layout, I offered an easy way to change the layout of the plugin. Just copy the autocomplete.css file (which you can find at the settings page) You also have to set up the new location on the settings page. There you can adjust the z-index for the results. I already set it to 100 but that might not be enough for your theme. You’ll find the value on line 11:

      .ac_results {
      	z-index: 100;

      Increasing that value should resolve the problem. If not, please provide me a link to the blog where it happens and tell me in which browser it happens.


  17. hi,
    nothing to do. i tried to increase the value but nothing, the problem now is a list full of warning and i’ve deleted the custom patch to return like the start point but always the list full of warning. i’ve deleted the plugin and download it again, nothing to do. if you want see what happens, here my site http://www.blitzband.com/
    i use safari and i tested with firefox and chrome too, same problem
    i’m very sorry to disturb to you again

  18. hi,
    here again. i’ve tested your plugin on my computer with mamp in localhost and i don’t get any warning the autosuggest is ok (maybe it’s a server problem). remain always the problem of my first post, i’ve increased the default value but nothing to do, always the same.
    thanks again for your patience 🙂

    • Hi Bonz,

      I don’t know why your server prints warnings, even if WP_DEBUG is not enabled, but I think I have fixed that issue now.

      The other problem is curios. It looks like some browsers are not able to handle the z-index value correctly if another element has a gradient on the background, as your header image and navigation has. As the jQuery plugin I use includes the DIV for the results to the bottom of the BODY tag, this was causing the issue. I know changed the source code of the jQuery plugin so it will prepent it right after the opening BODY tag. This should fix your issue.

      I already commited a new version of the plugin. Just update to version 3.1.1 and try again.


  19. hi,
    i’ve updated and now it works fine, remain only the first problem.
    I have modified the position of the box to right and now for me it’s ok . take a look please
    thank you very, very much for you time.
    I will make a donation for your precious job
    bonz 🙂

    • OK, now I found the real issue. The twentyeleven theme set the z-index of the HEADER tag with the id “branding” to 9999! Unbelievable! So the fix is quite easy. Just add this to the autocomplete.css file (or change the z-index where it is defined first):

      .ac_results {
      	z-index: 10000;

      I hope this will finally fix the issue. You sould than be able to view the results just under the input and not on the right.

      • ok. now it’s really ok. i’m very happy 🙂
        i have just made a donation for your work, it is not a lot but in this moment it’s what I can.
        thanks again for your time

      • Thank you! I am always happy if someone gives me a feedback about a bug (even if it’s not my fault). That’s better than just uninstalling the plugin and rating it bad. As a plugin developer you can’t test every possible WordPress setup and combination of plugins and as you can see, looking at the previous comments, there are many possible issues combining my plugin with other plugins or themes.

        So thanks for your feedback! I hope that your visitors will enjoy the new feature.

        • hi,
          here again.
          how i can do to remove the auto orange selection from the list leaving it blank.
          sometimes i need search something without autocomplete.
          thanx for the answer

        • Hi,

          changing the background color ist simple. Just change it in your cutsom CSS file:

          .ac_results li.selected {
          	color: #fff;
          	background-color: #f93;

          You can either change the background-color or simply remove it, so a selected entry looks like all the other entries.

          But what do you mean with “sometimes i need search something without autocomplete”? Where do you have the autocomplete where you don’t want it?

          • hi,
            i don’t speak very well english but i’ll try to explain me.
            i don’t want to change the color the color it’s ok.
            when i search something with few letters like “boc” (i mean bocelli)
            the autocomplete in automatic select the first entry of the list and when i hit enter appears only the content of the first entry. i would like to see every songs of bocelli not only the content of the entries.
            in few words it’s possible to disable the autoselect of the autocomplete, eventually i choose alone the entry.
            i hope that you understand what i mean.
            thanx again

          • Ah now I know what you mean. I think it is possible with the Prototype version but I am not sure about the jQuery version. Give me till tomorrow to find it out and to provide an option in the backend to enable this.

  20. Hi! bin total von dem Plugin begeistert!

    Kleines Problem: ich lese hier, dass Relevanssi unterstützt wird, kann aber mit den aktuellen Versionen keine gemeinsame Funktion hinkriegen – Autocomplete scheint immer die eigene Suchfunktion zu verwenden und nicht auf die Relevanssi-Ergebnisse zurückzugreifen…

    Haben sich die beiden Plugins wieder auseinanderentwickelt? 😉

    • Hallo Martin,

      die Unterstüzung für Relevanssi bezog sich bisher darauf, dass die Filter von Relevanssi entfernt wurden, damit das Plugin überhaupt damit funktioniert. Da es sich aber seitdem sehr weiterentwickelt hat, kann es gut sein, dass die Filter nun entfernt werden können und es trotzdem noch funktioniert.

      Da ich Relevanssi noch nie selbst verwendet habe weiß ich aber nicht, wie das gewünschte Ergebnis aussehen würde. Die Filter werden in der Datei autocompleter_results.php in den Zeilen 12-14 entfernt. Es wäre toll, wenn du diese Zeilen bei dir mal auskommentieren könntest um zu testen, ob es noch funktioniert. Wenn ja dann werde ich natürlich gerne die Filter von Relevanssi so belassen wie sie sind.

      Falls du keine Programmierkenntnisse besitzt oder dich nicht ran traust, dann sag mir doch einfach mal, wie du Relevanssi eingestellt hast und ich versuche das bei mir in einer lokalen Version mal zu testen.


      • Bernhard, danke für die Antwort!
        Auskommentieren der Zeilen verändert zwar etwas (z.B. zeigt die Ergebnisliste anfangs kurze Worte aus dem Relevanssi-Index an), aber weder scheint die Gewichtung übernommen zu werden, noch tauchen z.B. Ergebnisse aus Custom Post Types oder Custom Taxonomies aus, die bei einer direkten Relevanssi-Suche erscheinen, und zwar oben, wo ich sie hingewichtet hatte… 😉

        Brich Dir keinen ab – eine Live-Suche wäre zwar nett gewesen, aber da scheint es im Zusammenspiel doch ein paar Probleme zu geben, selbst das vom Relevanssi-Entwickler empfohlene ThreeWP-Ajax-Such-Dingens funktioniert allenfalls mit TwentyTen-Standard-Them… aber für meine Zwecke tut es Relevanssi allein im Prinzip auch. 🙂

        Hab jedenfalls Dank und den Autocompleter bring ich garantiert auf einer meiner anderen Seiten unter 😉

  21. hi,
    for sometime I have not used yours plugin because there was a compatibility problem with the new version of the plugin search everything, but now I have reinstalled the old version. now it’s ok. the problem now is with the chrome browser, i’m on mac, I have tried to increase the z-index but nothing to do, the result of the search is always behind the flashplayer.

    • Hi Bonz,
      that particular problem comes from the flash player plugin. The flash player does not care about z-index by default. Even if you set it to 0 for the flash and a high value for the other elements. But there is a very easy solution to fix it. It is explained in detail on this page: http://slightlymore.co.uk/flash-and-the-z-index-problem-solved/.

      I hope that you can add the parameters to the flash content and make it work together with my plugin again.

      • hi,
        thank you for the answer
        the problem is only with chrome. on safari and firefox no problem.
        i tried to change some parameters in flashplayer, nothing to do.
        maybe on chrome for windows the problem don’t exist.

  22. Hi there!
    I’m using your plugin but I’d like to make a simple change.
    If i don’t find any results after entering the keywords, i want to show a message in results field saying something like: No results… try a different phrasing or ask an agent.
    Ask an Agent by:Email (and the mailto link)
    Is this possible? How can i do it?

    Thx in advance,

    • Hi Joao,

      that is absolutely possible. The easiest way would be, to change the output in the file autocomplete_results.php arround line 69. There the results array will be printed:

      printResults($results, $framework);

      You might easily check, if the results array is empty, and in this case add an entry, you want to show like the following:

      	$results[] = array(
      		'url' => 'mailto:[email protected]',
      		'title' => 'No results... try a different phrasing or ask an agent.',
      		'content' => 'Ask an Agent by: [email protected]' 
      printResults($results, $framework);

      This will give you one entry wil your link to open an email.

      I hope that was, what you wanted to have.

  23. Hello , first you have great plugin .
    now for the issue :
    1. how can i speed the ajax search results ?
    2. how can i add loading.gif pic when the ajax loading ?

    * i added to the search results also the post thumbnail if anyone need …

    • Hi Peyman,

      first a littel question: Do you use jQuery or Prototype as a framework? Adding a loading.gif works on both frameworks but not the same way. To speed up the results the question would be which part of the AJAX request is the bottleneck. If the data base is too slow, than a caching of those requests might be a good idea. I am planing to replace the jQuery plugin for autocompletion I use now with the one from jQuery UI which also includes client side caching. But without a server side data base cache only the same request from one user will be faster with a client side cache.

      So in a few days you should get an update of the plugin with the new jQuery function which might already speed up the queries.

      • Hello Bernhard
        thanks for the quick answer , i use jQuery framework .
        and if you update your plugin alredy can you add post thumbnail in the results ? (like i toled you i added)

        In any case thank you very much.

  24. Hi there

    Thank you for this great plugin. Quick question.. Is it possible to set the results to ONLY search for Page Titles / Tags / Categories ? This would be so Awesome. Thanks once again



    • Hi Roelof,

      through the plugin settings you can set it to only search on the title. Right now there is no option to search the tags or categories, but it is on my list for the next update.

      • Hi there

        Thanks for the reply. If I can pay you .. send me the details , you have no idea how urgently I need this update 🙂 Is there anything else you can suggest perhaps ? I need it to “suggest” but only pages / tags / categories.

        Thanks again


        • What do you mean with “Is there anything else you can suggest perhaps”? Do you mean another plugin or things from your blog to be shown up in the results?

          I think I can provide you a first update by tomorrow. You might than donate something, if you are satified with the changes.

          • Hi Bernhard

            Thanks for the reply. Yes I meant any other plugin. You’ll see on my page I’m building a directory listing site , so searching is VERY important. If you can provide me with an update to search only Titles / Categories / Tags .. then we’re on the same page.



          • I don’t know an exisiting plugin that supports suggest for tags and categories. I wrote that plugin years ago because all the other plugins on that time didn’t satisfied me.

            I try to extend my plugin to enable you to search also for tags and categories. But as I have to keep it working for all other users, it might take some time. How “urgent” is the update? I can always code a plugin just for you, but than you won’t get updates for my plugin anymore, if I add new features or fix bugs.

          • Hi Bernhard , coding one for me would be perfect , as soon as possible. Those criteria is my needs , as long as it works , I’ll be happy. Let me know your thoughts. Regards Roelof

    • Hi Roelof,

      I am able to code something for you but yesterday I was quite busy and didn’t had the energy that evening to code it. Maybe today I can give you a first quick version which you can use to evaluate with you blog. I can than include the funcionality into the main plugin so you are also getting updates.

      • Hi Bernhard

        Chatted to you last year regarding modifying your plugin for me. Please have a look if I’ll be able to use your plugin on my website: http://www.xpose.co.za

        Would need it to search in 2 fold.

        Please have a look.



        • Hi Roelof,

          I am so sorry that I completely forgot you comment. Can you quickly explain, on which fields you want to search?

          • Hi Bernhard

            Thanks for the quick reply !

            Would like to search in the category field for my 1st Search box , and the Location field for the second ?



          • Where is the location stored? Is it a custom post type or a custom field?

            I think we will need a tiny plugin just for your blog, as my plugin is not capable of searching on different columns in different fields (so only one search for one blog). But getting two autocompletes is not that complicated.

          • Hi there

            The first field searched on id=search-text and the second on id=search-location.

            What would you commend I do to make your plugin work on my site ?



          • I was not asking how the input fields are called, but how the values are stored in your data base. Are familiar with programming or do you know someone you can do some PHP?

            I could provide you a basic plugin with the autocomplete part, but as I don’t know your data base structure behind, I am not able to write the data base queries for those two fields.

          • Understood 🙂

            I’m not to clued with PHP , but you’re welcome to log in to my site and have a look ?

            I can send you the login details , if you drop me a mail ? [email protected]


  25. Hello,

    Looks like your css width needs !important, otherwise will be ignored, at least with up-to-date wordpress (“width: 350px !important;”).


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