CakeFest 2009 in Berlin

cakefest 2009 in BerlinI attended! How is was and what it was about you can find on the official CakeFest Website. I also recommend the twitter messages.

On my search for new inspiration in PHP programming I found the book Webentwicklung mit CakePHP (Webdevelopment with CakePHP). The content describes quite good the subject of my bachelor thesis. I have sticked to the principals of Ruby-on-Rails in my work on the thesis. If this book has been released six month earlier I would have saved a lot of time and problems.

I was convinced of the principals of CakePHP. On a visit on the Website von CakePHP I found some information about the CakeFest. And if you have the chance to attend on such an event in Berlin you have to take the chance.

For everyone who ever wished to be able to code as easy as you can do in Ruby-on-Rails, but having to stick to PHP, CakePHP is by far the best framework. It picks up the greates ideas of Ruby-on-Rails and extends it with many additional bright ideas.

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