Service-desert Germany???

Who does always say that there is no good support in Germany? If it’s than also free, most people don’t beliefe in good quality. I have to confess that I know this kind of support quite well. Most of the time you can’t even find a phone number on their websites and if you write an e-mail through a contact form, you’ll get a automatic answers with the FAQ to a keyword in your text.

But today i found a creditably exception. First I had to write a mail to the support and get an automatic response back. But the first diffrence was the response time of about 3 hours. And the second one was that the support staff called me, as he tought that he can’t explain the solution on a mail. In the following one hour telephone conversation he solved all my problems (and some additional problems as well). He was very professional and notices how much technical jargon I can handle and what he has to explain more detailed. That wasn’t my first positive support experience but one that really surprised my gladly.

To not make surreptitious advertising I just a small note to the supplier. It’s a antivirus company who’s product names are similar to a group in a real-time strategy game series.

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