An intense year in review

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you all made it well to 2018. Since you probably recognized, that I haven't blogged in the past weeks, I want to give you a small review of the past year and the plans for this year.

#Project52 bilingual

In 2017, I planed to continue to blog once a week. But unlike before, I wanted to blog English first and then translate the blog post to German the other week.

For the first 11 month it worked out really well. I blogged at least once a week and created some new plugins along the way. And then came December and the question if I could do an advent calendar in two languages.

The 2017 advent calendar

You might call be crazy or too ambitious, but I started another advent calendar for the third year in a row, with no blog posts prepared beforehand. The first 9 days went really well. Somethimes I posted them a bit after midnight, but I came up with some topics to write about. But then my streak ended.

Making priorities

After all, blogging is just a hobby for me. I really enjoy sharing knowledge and get feedback on it. But there are more important things in life and this year friends and family needed me more then my readers. So after about a week of not having the time to blog, I decided to give up on blogging for the rest of the year, as writing all the missing posts would probably have burned me out.

Plans for 2018

So what are my plans for this year? With my last posts from December 10, I started a little blog series. Although the initial reason is no longer there, I think it will still be a nice little series. I do want to blog bilingual as well this year. And I again want to do an advent calendar in 2018. Maybe I succeed in preparing some blog posts before December 1 😉

If you have any topics you want have covered and you think I could write about, just let me know in the comments below. And if you also have a new years resolution and are brave enough to tell us, please leave a comment as well 🙂

I am wishing all of you all the best for 2018 and I also hope to see some of you on an upcoming WordCamp somewhere.

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