The Blog has a new domain!

Last weekend I succeeded to move my domain to my ROOT server. Before doing so I used a frame redirect for this domain. But with a little extra fee and waiting for the term of notice I can now present you the blog with the desired domain.

All external links should still be working correctly as they are rewrited to the new domain. Therefore all of your bookmarks should still work. I hope that Google will soon recognize the moving of the domain and updates it’s results.

I hope that I will be able to provide you more regularly with useful tips in the future. At the moment my master study takes a lot of time and I don’t have the time to do something fun. And beside study I has to work a little as studying isn’t for free.

Now I wish you a lot of fun with my blog!


@My english readers: I am sorry that most of the last posts haven’t been translated, yet. Some of them are only interessting for German readers. And I don’t had the time to translate the longer ones, yet.

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Bernhard is a full time web developer who likes to write WordPress plugins in his free time and is an active member of the WP Meetups in Berlin and Potsdam.

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