In April still a joke, but now it’s reality!

-In April I wrote about the brilliant April Fool’s joke of It reported that the last IP address was assigned and due to maintenance all DNS root servers must be shut down for 24 hours.

Now it is actually so far. They won’t shut down all dedicated server for 24 hours, but the last IPv4 addresses have been assigned (to be precise, the last five code blocks have been awarded) as you can read on

But what does this mean? Do we all need to panic? No we do not need to. With IPv6 we there has been a successor for a long time, but it hasn’t been fully enforced, yet. Many ISPs still haven’t converted their entire infrastructure.

I am so excited with which April’s Fools joke the media will come up this year, and how long does it take until it is sad reality.


Now the time has come for the 24-hour shutdown, as reported. However only large internet companies like Google, Facebook will test their services for 24 hours on IPv6 infrastructure. We will see whether everything still runs smoothly for IPv4 users. The IPv6 Day is planed for June, 8 2011.

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