A successful eighth year comes to an end

On June 21st, my blog had it’s 8th birthday. I had it bilinugal quite from the start but in the first few years I haven’t translated all of the blog posts. But starting this year, I wrote almost all of tmy blog posts in English first, followed by the German translation a week later. The anually “birthday blog post”, I wrote in German first though. But now here it comes also in English. A bit belated birthday celebrations.

As always (what you migh not yet know), I start with some statistics. I want to present you the Top 3 blog posts of the last year. In my German yearly review I also have the Top 3 since the start of my blog, but as they are the same for my English blost posts, I recude them to one Top 3 list:

Top 3 blog posts

  1. Free Cisco VPN Client alternative for Windows 7 x64 (64 bit)
  2. Shortcut of the month: CTRL + ALT + J (eclipse)
  3. Form preview with jQuery Thickbox

Those are some pretty only blog posts 🙂 The one on place 4 was my 5th overall, written on August 20th, 2009. In total, my blog has 55 blog posts in English (including this one), 27 written only this year and 264 blog posts in German published. So on my English blog, I am “slightly” getting a better number after 8 years. But it’s still a lot less. That’s mybe why the top 3 are so old.

I also posts some stats about the visitors of my blogs every year. The most active day was December 22nd, 2016 with 662 page views. There were also 188 new comments in the past year, 71 written by myself.

What’s next?

I hope it’s going on just the way it has in the last 27 weeks of the year 🙂 I’ll try to write a blog post until the end of each week. I might even try to write an advent calender for the third year in a row. This year maybe even in German AND English. But let’s see how that will work out 🙂

I am also thinking about working on the theme a bit. I might just improve it a bit or even switch to a new theme. But that would probably require me to reproduce all the perfectly scaled screenshots, which I would rather avoid. So stay tuned 🙂

I’ve always ended my birthday blog posts with a little video. They were usually funny, but for this year, I couldn’t decide on a funny one. Than I thaught I’ll just pick a video form WordCamp Europe some weeks ago, but there were so many good talks, that I couldn’t choose a single one. So instead I want to end this blog post with a more serious one, which has an important topic. I hope you’ll like it, even though the message might not be easy to digest. So sorry if you hoped for a funny one.

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